Custom Soil Blends

Custom Soil Blends

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1/3rd Mix

Our top of the line custom soil blend is our most popular and recommended by Hawaii's top landscape architects.  It is the preferred choice of experienced landscapers and homeowners.  This blend is comprised of topsoil, black cinder, and screened composted macadamia nut husks.  The 1/3rd Mix is PH balanced and plants thrive in it.  Great for flowers, vegetables, fruit trees and starting coffee.

CTH Soil Mix       

A popular choice for growing lawns from sod and stolens, palm trees and bushes.  This blend is PH balanced mix comprised of topsoil, red cinder, and composted macadamia nut husks.

Cinderless Soil/Compost Blend

Pure topsoil blended with composted macadamia nut husks used by vegetable growers for wet taro and by individuals that have cinders, and want to create their own soil blend.  Cinderless soil is also available without compost for imu pit ovens.

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